Our mission is to work in true partnership with valuers, lenders, and brokers to reduce property specific lending risks through valuations excellence. We add value through our knowledge, experience, contacts, market leading technology and our first-class service. We are pioneers in the valuations sector, and clients and colleagues value our business. In essence, VAS is the pinnacle of valuations professionalism.


“To be recognised as the most professional and comprehensive property valuation solutions business in the UK”


  • Happy – It is nice to be around happy, motivated, and positive people. It is good for you, for the team, and for our clients. This is who we are.
  • Warm – We are a friendly welcoming team; our clients and  partners are like family.
  • Versatile – We rise and adapt to any situation and look for simple solutions to exceed our clients expectations.
  • Individual – We have high standards. Our experienced team deliver you a professional tailored service.
  • Respectful – No one person is bigger than the team. We are stronger together and we do our best work when we support each other.

Team Members

“The people are the foundations of how we achieve”

VAS Audit is the UK’s only comprehensive valuation auditing and assurance service business.


The company provides live and retrospective auditing to reduce property specific lending risks and to ensure high valuation standards are maintained for every client. It ultimately offers an important additional level of protection for both lenders and valuers with regards to risk management.


VAS Audit has extensive experience of the UK property market, ensuring that valuations are in line with national and local market conditions and have been carried out under the correct valuation bases in accordance with every client’s instructions.


The business works with property lenders, valuers and financial intermediaries – sometimes at the same time – all of whom benefit from accurate, quick and cost-effective advice.


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