VAS Assurance reviews property valuations for accuracy, quality and compliance, giving you the confidence to make timely, well informed, and lower risk decisions.


Our audits can be used when: evaluating a lending proposal; deciding to readdress a valuation; as a third-party review of the valuation prior to lending; to monitor your loan book.


Our audits highlight inconsistencies, non-compliance to Red Book standards, and will provide you with the recommendations for further checks.


Put simply, VAS Assurance helps you to maintain your valuation standards, as well as managing your risk through proven advice and guidance on a completed valuation. From live auditing to loan monitoring, through to making sure a valuer retains their high standards, VAS Assurance is there to offer experience, industry knowledge and guidance.


With VAS Assurance’s considerable experience and expertise, our role is to provide certainty and peace of mind, ensuring you can rely on a valuation to be up to date and accurate.


With the recent changes in the market, our experience and expertise provide the sort of clarity that is needed more than ever.


VAS Assurance exists to protect you.

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