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VAS Audit is a UK leading property valuation auditing and assurance company. We work with property lenders, valuers and financial intermediaries in order to help reduce property specific lending risks and improve overall valuation quality and accuracy levels.

In addition we offer valuation panel management solutions for lenders in order to build them a relevant, good quality and varied valuation panel. This is important to lenders as it will allow a them to instruct the correct valuer for different property types in a particular location. We can also assist in the creation of specific valuation instructions, Service Level Agreements and Desktop Valuation advice.

We aim to provide all of our clients with accurate, quick and cost effective advice.

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VAS is a UK leading property valuation auditing and assurance company

VAS Audit provides a niche service, which offers an important additional level of protection for both lenders and valuers with regard to risk management.  Bearing in mind the environment of increasing regulation currently being witnessed, as well as the refocusing of the property industry on the accuracy of valuations, VAS Audit enables valuers and lenders to achieve higher degrees of accuracy and confidence when undertaking the valuation process
Robert Mayhew – Former RICS Global Vice-President
At VAS Audit we have extensive experience in the property market across the UK and work with both parties to ensure that the Value reported is accurate, reducing risk.

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